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If you are anything like me, finding the best airsoft gun proved to be difficult. I had, lot's to think about. Do I want to be a sniper? Do I need a shotgun? Airsoft may not technically be considered a ‘sport’, but it is one activity that comes with plenty of great benefits. For one, it has an element of fun that makes it a huge hit with outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, military, and people who are simply looking for a little stress relief. For another, it provides the perfect avenue to practice shooting in a less dangerous way then traditional firearms.


When I was starting out, I asked the question "what is the best airsoft gun?". With that in mind, and now with some experience under my belt; Here are a few rules to keep in mind when searching. One, It should be easy to handle, clean and easy to maintain. Two, Should be made of quality materials, such as ABS plastics or high quality parts. Lastly, it should be accurate and expected to last after many rounds of shooting.


The first step to shopping for air rifles is to read reviews and articles which will help you make an informed decision. This is exactly what Best Airsoft Gun HQ provides. We test, compare, and review the best airsoft guns, complete with unbiased information and specifications.


Best Airsoft Guns Of 2017 Reviewed



BBTac5 lbsAssault4/5Check Price

Double Eagle5.4 lbsAssault4/5Check Price

M4 M16 Replica
BBTac6 lbsTactical5/5Check Price

H&K g36c
KWA8.8 lbsTactical4.5/5Check Price

AK Kalishnikov
Kalashnikov8.5 lbsAssault4/5Check Price

KWA9 lbsAssault4.5/5Check Price

BBTac10 lbsSniper4/5Check Price

Thompson M1A1
Thompson9.6 lbsShort Range 4/5Check Price

TSD8.4Sniper4.5/5Check Price

Double Eagle7 lbsAssault4/5Check Price


Best For Beginners

G&G Raider M4 Airsoft Gun TanG&G Combat Machine M4 Raider – With the G&G Combat Machine M4 Raider, beginners can expect great quality for the price. This gun comes with a rail system out of the box which is a great benefit if you want to add sites or other optics. It is made from polymer, but is high quality and light weight. Internals are built solid and will last if taken care of properly. One thing to keep in mind, the Raider does not come with a battery or charger so its important to purchase those as well when buying. Overall this gun is great for beginners not just in price but in quality as well.



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Best Sniper Rifle

l96Well Airsoft Sniper Rifle Bolt Action Type L96 – Over all quality is excellent for the price. If you are looking to upgrade or get into the airsoft sniping world, the L96 is an excellent choice. Out of the box the gun comes with a BB Loader and BiPod with up to 500FPS. The L96 is a bolt action rifle and uses springs and not expensive gas. 




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Best Pistol

                                                                                                                                                                                          Elite Force 1911 TAC CO2 Metal Airsoft Pistol Airsoft Gun

Elite Force 1911 TAC​ – The Elite Force 1911 comes with a threaded barrel, full metal slide and body. With a 14 round mag the FPS can range from 300 to 390 depending on the C02. It has a tactical bottom rail and full skeletalized trigger and handgrip safety. This is a full gas blow back airsoft pistol and can be used by both hardcore airsoft players and beginners to the game. 



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Best Over All

AK 47Soft Air Kalishnikov Tactical AK47 – Full metal body and gearbox which gives the soft air ak47 great durability. A complete replica of the modern AK47 it has adjustable sites, top rails to add additional optics. It shoots around 320 to 380 FPS which can be a bit low for some, but can increase to over 400 with some tweaking. Overall the Soft Air AK47 is a great airsoft gun for those looking for overall quality and reliability in an airsoft weapon.



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Simple Rules for Finding the Best Airsoft Gun


1. Understand what 'type' of airsoft gun you are searching for:


There are many different types of airsoft guns. Before purchasing a new gun, it is important to decide what type of gun you want to buy. Below explains the differences in each type of airsoft gun on the market.


Spring Powered Airsoft Guns

Spring airsoft guns are the most basic type of airsoft gun on the market. As the name implies, spring airsoft guns use a spring to fire a plastic pellet out of their barrels. They work on mechanical power, meaning that the user must cock the gun after every round is fired, much like a shotgun or bolt-action rifle. Spring-powered guns are typically seen as entry-level airsoft guns, although spring-powered sniper rifles can be very powerful upper-level fun.


Gas Powered Airsoft Guns

Gas-powered airsoft guns use many different types of compressed gas to fire the BBs. They are typically seen as intermediate guns and are very useful for outdoor target shooting.. They typically shoot BBs at higher velocities than spring-powered airsoft guns and are also semi – automatic.. Certain models are also fully automatic,, although it’s important to check the specific model of the gun to determine which firing method is available. Gas-powered airsoft guns chiefly use propane as propellant (commonly referred to as "green gas"), although CO 2,, nitrogen,, and HFC134a refrigerant can also be used.


Electric Powered Airsoft Guns

Like spring-powered airsoft guns, electric airsoft guns also use springs, but they do so in an electric fashion without the need to manually cock the gun. Because of this, all electric guns are semi-automatic, while the vast majority of electric guns also have fully automatic capabilities. Electric guns are the most popular style of airsoft gun in team and league play and are typically seen as upper-level guns, although the price generally reflects this.


Mini Airsoft Gus

Recently Some manufactures are producing mini airsoft guns. They are simply smaller versions of full size replica firearms. They have become more popular recently with certain airsoft enthusiasts


Launcher Airsoft Weapons

Some airsoft companies product airsoft launchers. These weapons fire numerous projectiles at once between 20-100.



Most airsoft guns these days allow for attachments such as flashlights, improved sights, and other tactical features. The most common airsoft accessories for guns are improved sights, laser attachments, scopes and barrells. There are numerous airsoft attachments available depending on your model of airsoft gun.


2. Get a good assessment


Think of it this way, if online reviews were unavailable, you would ask for recommendations from friends, family or colleagues about a particular item. It actually works under the same premise, which is to get an idea of whether or not an item is worth the investment. It also serves as basis for your decision to buy or pass. For a smart shopper, information can make a huge difference.


3. Get a grasp of the benefits


Although there are several factors to consider when buying an air rifle, especially if you want to get only the best airsoft gun, it all comes down to the benefits, advantages. A G&G CM16 Raider Airsoft Rifle, for example, may have high-end features, but not the noise-reducing system of the Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper IGT Air Rifle. The Silent Stalker, however, has some problems with accuracy. By digging deeper and collecting more data, you will know a lot more about what you are about to buy.


4. Avoid problems


Say you are unhappy with a product that you bought. If it comes with a warranty or return policy, you would want to have it shipped back to the retailer or have it replaced. Most online stores, however, would not pay the return fees. If the airsoft gun you bought comes in a huge package, you will be paying more. If only you read reviews beforehand, right?


Not all online reviews are reliable, however. It can be subjective or objective, with some people just wanting to bad-mouth a particular product or company. Rest assured the information you read here on Best Airsoft Gun HQ is based on facts and are only made after extensive research is done. You can take our word for it.


We also provide a comparison chart, which has short and simple version of a product review. From the list, you can easily determine which one to buy. Information is categorized by Type, Price, Pros and Cons, Rating and our unbiased review. If you want to base your purchase on the price, the comparison chart will take the guesswork out of shopping for the best airsoft gun.


5. Now are you ready to buy an air rifle? Make sure to keep the following in mind


  • The cost vs. your budget. No point in wanting what you can't afford, is there?
  • What will your airsoft gun be used for? Different activities call for different airsoft guns.
  • The type of airsoft game or position—CQB, Support Gunner, Covering Fire, Sniping, Section Commander/Team Leader. Each one requires a different type of gun.


  1. Support requires a heavy-weight gun with suppressive fire.
  2. CQB is best enjoyed using rifles that are short range and lightweight.
  3. Sniping doesn't call for a weapon with easy maneuverability, but should be long range.
  4. Section Commander must use an automatic weapon, preferably a battery-powered AEG with a rapid fire system.


  • The model you are comfortable using. Reviews may serve as your guide, but it all comes down to your preference. What model is most comfortable to use? Let us help you choose the best airsoft gun for your needs!