Airsoft Clothing Every Player Should Have

Basic Airsoft Clothing That You Should Have



Purchasing the perfect airsoft gun is just half the battle, as you should get a set of clothing that you can wear for the games. Here are those that you should have:



  • Long-Sleeved Shirt and Long Pants


Considering the nature of the sport, you need to protect every part of your body as much as possible—you should keep yourself fully covered to lessen the sting the pellets will have on you when you are hit. If you are playing in a woodland, then being fully covered will protect you from getting scraped by thorns and tree limbs. Even in a close quarters battle (CQB), you still have to deal with splinters, nails, staples, edges and other sharp objects that can hurt you while playing. When choosing your airsoft shirt and pants, a military uniform would be your best option, as it is designed to handle combat situations with plenty of pockets to stow extra items and the camouflage that helps you blend into the battlefield. You can buy this clothing at a local military surplus store or at certain airsoft operators.



  • Face and Eye Protective Gear


With the velocity at which the pellets are traveling, they can really do some serious damage to your eyes, which is why you should wear face and eye protection. This protective gear comes in many varieties on the market today, where there are those that are just eye protection and some that already combine face and eye protection. It also comes in various designs and materials, such as mesh, hard plastic and neoprene.


  • Cover or Hat


A hat or head cover is important in this sport in way that it shades your eyes from the sun, protects your head from debris that might fly across the field, soaks up sweat so it will not get into your eye protection or your eyes and helps you with your camouflage. It would be great to have a shemagh for these purposes, though head cover can also come as a military patrol cap, boonie hat, beret or a plain ball cap.


  • Gloves


A pair of gloves is important in playing airsoft as it helps protect your hands from harmful things in the field, such as flying pellets, splinters and thorns. Take note that among the most sensitive areas to get hit by a pellet is you hands and fingers. When choosing gloves, make sure that they are comfortable while you operate your weapon system and perform other tasks in the field.


  • Knee Pads


These pads will protect your knees from the pressure of banging into hard objects, such as walls and stone fences, and of falling.


  • Boots


When choosing your boots, it is recommended to go for combat or tactical boots, as they are comfortable to wear when playing, support your ankles and have good tread for running and climbing.


With this set of clothing and the best airsoft gun for your specific requirements, you are now ready to do your thing on the battlefield!