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Best Airsoft Shotguns Compared




Airsoft shotguns are not as flashy as say a M4 rifle or L96 sniper, but they can be just as deadly in the field. Airsoft shotguns function much like their real life counterparts. They fire a blast of pellets, a tri shot, or a single BB at anything that gets in their way, and trust us they are fun! They probable should not be your main battlefield weapon, but they are a great backup weapon to keep in your kit. We have put together our list of the top airsoft shotguns on the market today. Let us know what you think of our list!


What To know?

When choosing your next airsoft shotgun it is our opinion it should consider these items. Choose whether you want a tri shot, meaning three bb’s per shot, a single shot, or blast. Believe it or not airsoft shotguns do not fire a spray of bb’s like a real shotgun would shoot buckshot. Some can, but airsoft shotguns can also fire 3 or 1 bb’s per shot. Researching each gun is important to finding out how they shoot, and which type of shot they use. Most airsoft shotguns are spring loaded, meaning they will work well in any environment. This helps when playing in colder or drier terrain.  


Top 5 Best Airsoft Shotguns Compared


ModelBrandShot TypeWeightRating 

Tactical Long Shotgun
MossbergSingle4.2 lbs3.5/5Check Price

Airsoft Shotgun Pump
BBTacBlast4.5 lbs4/5Check Price

Airsoft Pump Action Shotgun
BBTacSingle4 lbs4/5Check Price

Multi-Burst M4/90 Combat Shotgun
UTGTri-shot5.7 lbs4.5/5Check Price

Heavy Weight Pistol Grip 3 Shot Shotgun
Double EagleTri-shot3.8 lbs4/5Check Price


  1. Mossberg Tactical ( Under 50$ )

best airsoft shotgun




The Mossberg Tactical airsoft shotgun is a great choice for those looking to not break the bank. This is the best airsoft shotgun for those not looking to spend tons on a new gun. It is durable, well put together, and for the price you will have a hard time finding better quality. The gun can take two different magazines, but it is recommended sticking with the spring. Shooting up to 355 fps, weighing in a just over 1.5 lbs it is easy to carry. It can hold 180 bbs per magazine which will save on reloads. Overall the Mossberg Tactical is a great entry level airsoft shotgun.


  1. BBTac Airsoft Shotgun Pump Action ( Best for Beginners )




The BBTac Airsoft Shotgun is a realistic pump action gun with retractable stock. It comes with realistic looking shells which can hold 14 BB’s each. It ships with 4 of these shells, and you can purchase more from Tokyo Mauri. It can shoot at up to 280 fps with .2g bb’s and has a range of about 120 feet or 40 yards. It is a spring action shotgun, so no need for expensive gas. If you are new to the airsoft world this would be our choice of shotgun.


  1. BBTac 400 FPS Pump Action Shotgun







The BBtac Airsoft pump action shotgun is modeled after police shotguns in law enforcement. It is a single shot shotgun and shoots at up to 400fps. It has a 14 round magazine capacity and comes with a free speed loader and sling. It is quality made, and shoots accurately, we changed to .20 gram BB’s which helped. This is one of the most bang for your buck shotguns on the market. The magazine in our opinion is a bit small, but not a deal breaker. It is fairly easy to reload or keep a spare mag just in case.


  1. UTG Sport Airsoft Muli-Burst M4/90 Shotgun




The UTG Sport is a GREAT shotgun or any player. It is a tri-shot meaning it shoots 3 BB’s simultaneously. It has great power and pin point accuracy. Not to mention it is badass looking. Take this on the field and you are sure to get some comments. Constructed with high quality polymer, it is spring powered, but reaches great distance. This is one of the louder airsoft shotguns on the market, so no sniping with this thing. It is definitely in the run and gun category more so than stealth.  


  1. Double Eagle Heavy Weight Shotgun







The Double Eagle Heavy Shotgun is a full sized tri-shot shotgun. It can shoot up to 350 fps with .20 gram BB’s. It is spring powered, and has the look and feel of a real shotgun. It comes with a nice pistol grip for ease of handling. One (Shell) holds 30 rounds, for 10 shots. This is a quality made shotgun made with hard polymer and rubber on the grips. Not the Taj Mahal of shotguns, but one that will last and get the job done when it counts.





These will surely not disappoint if you are in the market for an airsoft shotgun. Remember to keep in mind the types of shots (tri, single, blast) when buying. Airsoft shotguns are a great weapon to add to your arsenal, and with some practice can be quite deadly.

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