Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Top 5 Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles 2017 – Which One To Choose?


Being an airsoft sniper is a fun challenge. Your team counts on you for cover and taking out enemies at longer distances. It is important to select the best airsoft sniper rifle for the job. A sniper is a great member of any airsoft team and one of the most important. You have many choices to choose from in the airsoft sniping world. With all those choices it may be tough to narrow the search. Do you go with gas blowback or standard spring? These can be important questions when choosing an airsoft sniper.


Each year we set out to create a list of the best airsoft sniper rifels on the market. This year is no different. It was a tough task, but after some careful consideration we present to you the top airsoft sniper rifles of 2017.


Top 5 Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles Compared 2017



H&K11 lbs5/5Check Price

Black UTG Type 96 L96
UTG34 lbs4/5Check Price

Echo 1 Full Metal m28
Echo 19 lbs4/5Check Price

TSD Tactical sd97
TSD11.8 lbs4.5/5Check Price

BBTac BT-96
BBTac10.7 lbs5/5Check Price



Our Recommended Airsoft Sniper Rifles Reviewed


BBTac BT59 Airsoft Sniper Rifle Bolt Action Type 96 Airsoft Gun – (Best For Beginners)

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  • Replica L96 AWP Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun
  • Comes with magazine, sling, scope and bipod
  • Has rails at the top and bottom for scope and bipod attachments
  • Velocity of 400+ FPS with 0.20g BBs. Approximately 350 FPS with 0.25g BBs
  • No batteries or gas required to operate; Cock and shoot for spring airsoft rifles
  • Replica L96 AWP Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun
  • Comes with magazine, sling, scope and bipod
  • Has rails at the top and bottom for scope and bipod attachments
  • Velocity of 400+ FPS with 0.20g BBs. Approximately 350 FPS with 0.25g BBs
  • No batteries or gas required to operate; Cock and shoot for spring airsoft rifles


This BT59 bolt action sniper rifle from BBTac is based off the popular AWP L96 sniper rifle seen in video games like Counter-Strike. The magazine for this rifle is capable of holding around 25 rounds of BBs and also has a sling included. Durable ABS plastic was used on the body and the weapon also comes with an adjustable hop up and a safety.


The BT59 is capable of firing up to 400 plus fps using 0.20g BBs. With spring bolt action type guns like this one, you need to cock the weapon before you shoot.


You don't need any batteries or gas to operate this one. In short, it's pretty easy to just pick up and start using straight away.



TSD tactical sd97 airsoft sniper rifle

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  • This is a solid metal-bodied sniper rifle. It has durable construction and is capable of achieving high FPS and is accurate to boot.
  • Long range
  • Very accurate
  • High fps (around 430)
  • Good magazines


The TSD SD97 is an excellent choice for any airsoft player. It is hands down one of the most accurate airsoft snipers we have ever shot out of the box. It comes with a premium scope so no need for extra purchases. It's a open and shoot sniper with heavy bolt action. Hit targets easily from 200 feet and beyond. With its high FPS sitting around 430 it is one of the best airsoft snipers on the market.


Echo 1 full metal m28

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  • Adjustable Butt Pad
  • Polymer Construction
  • FPS: 500-530
  • 18 round mag capacity


With a soft, quiet shot, as well as higher velocity and a longer barrel, this gun can give you greater accuracy when out on the field. It is to note that this airsoft sniper is NOT sold with a scope. You will need to purchase optics if you wish to improve the accuracy of the Echo 1 at long range. It is one of the most powerful airsoft snipers on the market shooting at around 500 FPS with no issues. It comes with a Bi pod out of the box which is a nice feature. It can hold up to 18 rounds in one mag and is an easy reload on the go. If you are looking for a powerful airsoft sniper the Echo 1 is a great choice.



UTG Type 96


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  • One Piece Precision Metal Barrel
  • Adjustable Hop-up System
  • UTG Deluxe Picatinny Mount Foldable Bipod Complete With Cleverly Designed Tri-Rail Bipod Adaptor
  • Effective Long Range Shooting
  • High Power Pin-Point Accuracy Performance


The UTG L96 is a great weapon which has just the right blend of power and accuracy. This is our choice for best overall quality in an airsoft sniper. It is made from highly durable parts and will last a good while if taken care of. We recommend going with a heaver gram bb as they tend to be more accurate with the L96. It is no slouch in the power department either. Shooting at a rate of 450 FPS it will give you the distance you need. If you're interested in quality with the power to get the job done, this gun is a good bet.




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  • High Torque Motor
  • Metal Gears
  • Full/Semi Auto
  • Adjustable Hop Up
  • Electric Blowback


One of the best products from H&K. It's got great features and the cost is fairly reasonable. Features include adjustable hop up, fully adjustable stock and it is full blow back. It features high quality parts, the torque mortor and metal gears are solidly built. It also comes with a suppressor out of the box, which is a nice touch. This is one of the most bad ass looking airsoft snipers on the market as well. It has a cool looking finish and overall sleek look.


With this list of the best Airsoft sniper rifles, you can further narrow down your options and guarantee that you select the right one that not only suits your style, but is within range of your budget as well.


What Is An Airsoft Snipers Duties?


As you've probably seen in movies, snipers don't get in on the action too much. Well, in some cases they do. However, for the most part, you see them set up in a specific location with a rifle pointed at the target. When they get the signal, they can take their man down. After that, they leave the scene.


Just like in the movies and in real-life situations, you will mostly get little action if your role on the ream is that of a sniper. But no matter if you just sit still and function as a stationary unit, it helps to carry around one of the best Airsoft sniper rifles. Remember that one false mistake can lead to a defeat for your team, and having a really good weapon with you ensures you get the job down.


As a sniper, your role is to eliminate targets and gather information when the occasion calls for it (just like recon). One of the skills you should possess is the innate ability to camouflage yourself with your surroundings. But of course, your most important skill set should be the capability to hit a target at least 200 feet – or 61.0 meters – away.


Apart from a rifle, you would most likely need the following as well:


  • side arm
  • camouflage
  • light armor
  • walky-talky or a radio


Rifles for Beginning Airsoft Enthusiasts


Let's step aside from competitive matches for a moment and talk about fledgling Airsoft enthusiasts. Of course, as a starter, you'd want to know which weapon is the best to begin with. Well, needless to say, one of the best you can start your foray into the sport is a sniper rifle.


Why is it such a good choice for a beginner, exactly?


For one, it's an attractive option. It's definitely bigger than a gun, for sure, but it serves its purpose, especially if you prefer long-range shooting. Beginners with a knack for staying hidden and taking out opponents can improve on their skills to become very good snipers.


A lot of the best Airsoft sniper rifles come in various colors so they can better mix with the terrain you're playing with. So, whether you're playing indoors, in the desert or in the woods, there is a rifle that fits your exact needs.


Rifles are also known for their accuracy and speed, which is very much needed when you want to take out a target as quickly as possible. And just like choosing a car, rifles come in various style and have several distinct features as well.


Factors to Consider When Purchasing an Airsoft Sniper Rifle


Choosing the right weapon from a list of the best Airsoft sniper rifles might be a daunting task for you – what with all the brand names and kinds involved. However, when you involve several factors, you can effectively narrow your search options.


For one, you don't have to be bothered with weapons that interest you. When count in factors, this effectively eliminates all the other items that will not be of use for you.


As an example, you can say that you mostly play in an indoor terrain. With that in mind, you won't go looking for rifles that are specifically made for outdoor play. With that, you've slashed off quite a number of items from your options.


With that said here are the factors you should consider when choosing from a wide selection of the best Airsoft sniper rifles:


  • Terrain. As mentioned earlier, there are different playing fields in Airsoft – indoor, desert, woods, etc. Knowing which one you will spend your time in helps trim down the number of weapons you will be choosing from.


  • Battery or no battery. These days, you can find battery-powered rifles and if this is your choice, make sure the battery in the rifle is actually long lasting. This is so you don't have to constantly replace it when you’re out in the field.


  • Upgradability. When you want additional features to be added in the future, you might as well choose a weapon that can be upgraded without so many hassles. It might be a lot cheaper to upgrade a feature rather than buy an entirely new weapon.


  • Availability. This mostly refers to the spare parts present in your weapon. The last thing you want is to throw away your machine just because the parts you need are no longer being manufactured.


  • Accessories. There might be some things you want to add to your weapon to make it more to your liking. When you're the type that likes to customize, make sure to choose a machine that has readily available accessories. This way, you won't have to search far and wide to get what you need.


Now that you know how to narrow down your choices from the best Airsoft sniper rifles available, it's now time to look at the most highly rated weapons available.


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