black ops boa pistol (co2 pistol) Airsoft Gun


black ops boa pistol (co2 pistol) premium grade airsoft gun review











Where To Buy: Amazon via Black Ops


Price: (Subject To Change) Less than $50.00



  • CO2 powered
  • 400 FPS with .12 Gram Ammo
  • Semi automatic C02 Pistol
  • 20 Round Clip
  • Bottom tactical rail


If you are searching for a low cost cool looking airsoft sidearm the black ops boa pistols is a great choice. Don’t let the lower cost deter you, this is a decent airsoft gun. We shot the black ops boa with .22 gram bb’s and were accurate up to 20-30 feet. This airsoft pistol is NON Blowback, but does use CO2. This would be a great first airsoft pistol for anyone interested in the sport or even for a little fun shooting with friends. With its FPS hanging around 375 it has the power of some higher priced airsoft sidearms. Some users complained about the power outside in the elements, but the day we shot it we had no issues. On a windy day you may have some control issues, but with some adjustments it should be just fine.




Low Cost

1 year warranty

C02 Powered

20 round clip



Magazine release can stick



If you are a beginner to the airsoft world and looking for a quality pistol at a good price the black ops boa is definitely one to be considered. It is priced well for its power and features and will last quite a few years if taken care of. The gun has metal internals which for the cost is a nice plus. There are some abs plastic as well, but overall the gun is durable. The 400 fps is a bit of a stretch when we tested, but not by much. All in All the black ops boa is a good beginner airsoft sidearm but done expect ‘super’ quality due to the price.

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