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Daisy Avanti 853C Air Rifle: A Complete Review


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Specifically designed and developed for the Canadian Cadets, the Daisy Avanti 853C air rifle utilizes a 5-shot clip with an auto-indexing function and shoots 10 feet per second (fps) slower than the standard 853 Legend. Basically, it is regarded as the classic NRA Junior competition rifle! This Avanti air rifle is suitable for shooters 16 years old and above to learn how to shoot in 10-meter competitions, with adult supervision. It is designed with a sporter hardwood stock that is capped with a removable butt-pad to allow for its included insert spacers to adjust the length of pull for the size of the shooter.


This rifle’s most impressive feature would be the crowned Lothar Walther barrel, which is precision-bored for .177 match pellets and is created with a dozen lands and grooves, as well as a right-hand twist. As for its front sight, it has an interchangeable aperture insert, while its rear sight is micrometer adjustable. With a sling, shooters will be able to steady the rifle. All these perks have made the 853C rifle so accurate that most of those who are using it now do not seem to outgrow its potential.


Typically, the Daisy Avanti 853C air rifle is designed to be used by experienced shooters, usually during competition and target practice. Though official rules in competitions do not allow scopes, this rifle has a dovetail scope mount in its die-cast receiver that you can use if ever you want to shoot other targets or do it just for fun. And like other Avanti series air guns, the 853C is mostly used by many in 10-meter shooting and training programs all over the world.




Body Type:   Rifle

Caliber: 0.177-inch cal. (4.5mm) pellet

Barrel: Lothar Walther rifled high-grade steel; crowned, 12 lands and grooves with right-hand twist; precision bore sized for match pellets

Barrel Length: 20.88 inches

Maximum Muzzle Velocity: 490 fps

Shot Capacity: Auto indexing 5-shot pellet clip

Maximum Shooting Distance: 257 yards

Action: Single-pump pneumatic cocking lever, with straight-pull bolt

Powerplant: Single-stroke pneumatic

Front Sight: Globe with Aperture Inserts

Rear Sight: Micrometer adjustable

Scopeable: 11mm dovetail

Trigger: Single-stage

Trigger Pull: 5.5 lbs

Cocking Effort: 25 lbs

Safety: Manual crossbolt trigger block with red indicator

Loudness: 2-Low-Medium

Stock/Forearm/Grip: Full-length, sporter-style hardwood with adjustable length

Buttplate: Plastic

Receiver: Die cast metal with full cut loading port

Function: Repeater

Overall Length: 38.5 inches

Weight: 5.5 lbs

Suggested For: Competition


With the exception of muzzle velocity, all other specifications are similar to the Model 853.




  • This is an accurate rifle for shooting up to 10-15 meters, quite and easy to cock, which makes it perfect for target practice in your backyard.


  • It comes with 5-shot magazines that uses an auto-indexing function for more convenient and faster shooting action.


  • Its outstanding accuracy allows you to nail those all important head-shots consistently.


  • The sling really helps a lot, with a bracket that is adjustable.


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