General Airsoft Rules For Matches & Games

The General Airsoft Rules That Are Used Today


If you are contemplating to try playing airsoft, then you should remember that there are set of rules that all players should go by. Here are the general rules that will guide you to play accordingly and enjoy the game:


Protection and Safety


When playing, you should always wear eye protection, which can come in the form of shooting glasses, safety glasses, masks or goggles—never remove it while on the battlefield. Both players and visitors are required to wear sealed ballistic eye protection at all times in the combat area, and it is only in the “safe zone”, where there is no game play, that such eyewear can be removed at any time. Non-compliance or failure of this rule will result in an immediate ejection from the event of the day. As for real-world injury, the term “blind man” is used, and once this term is heard, all players should holster all their weapons, put them on safety and remain in place unless the game moderator give the signal to continue.


Playing and Shooting


Being “hit” during the game means the time that any part of your body, clothing or weapon is hit by airsoft bearing balls (BBs) or pellets. Once you are hit, you should raise your weapon over your head and then shout “hit!” After you establish the fact and the opposing players recognize the situation, you should walk out of the battle field with your weapon still over your head until you have returned to the safe zone. There is also the so-called “medic rule”, where a player sustaining a hit would sit or fall in place and yell “hit!” Keep in mind that all integrity violations against the honest and proper calling of hits will be dealt with severely and swiftly, such as an immediate ejection from the game event of the day. As for the safety kill range, there will be a certain distance that should be observed for all weapons. This can be adhered by pulling out your sidearm or pointing your current weapon at your target while shouting “safety kill!”


Game Moderation


The game moderator is given the role to make final approvals for all field decisions, make calls, make resolutions for all issues and conflicts, and take responsibility for all safety-related events and items on the field. If a problem arises that cannot be resolved between teams, the moderator would stop the game and make the final decision regarding the conflict. Arguing with the moderator will result in a KIA status or an immediate ejection from the event.


Indoor Play


If you participate in an indoor fight or a close quarters combat (CQB), you should understand that you might take painful hits, which is why you should wear the recommended gear. Remember that “safety kill” are not used in this situation, though you can surrender if you wish to leave game play without receiving any harm.


Generally, you should remember that all weapons are allowed to go off under set guidelines for the weight of pellet and power. The best way to know this is to inquire about the rules from the venue that you will be playing in.