H&K ump elite series aeg airsoft rifle airsoft gun


H&K ump elite series aeg airsoft rifle airsoft gun Review










Where To Buy: Amazon via H&K


Price: (Subject To Change) Around $200.00



  • caliber: 6mm
  • velocity: 370.00 ft/sec
  • Electric Blowback EBB SMG Rifle
  • Intergrated Rail System
  • Trademarks on Body
  • Accurate


The replica ump by H&K is a great airsoft rifle for any player. It is constructed down to the last detail to model the real look and feel of a working sub-machine gun. With durable nylong polymer body it can withstand tough conditions in the trenches of any match. Some users complained about the nose associated with the charging handle, but we felt that it added to the effect of the gun. With a folding stock you gain access to the battery from the back. We shot this H&K with both .20 and .25g bbs, and it shot a bit better with the heavier weight. We were able to accurately hit targets up to 50 feet! With a FPS of around 370 – 385 it has the power to shoot targets at good range.



Overall Quality and Design are great

Noisy, with a good sound

Close to real weight and feel




Larger than appears online

Charging handle is noisy

Electric blowback

Does NOT come with battery and charger



Overall we consider the h&k ump elite series aeg airsoft rifle airsoft gun a very good airsoft rifle. It can be a bit pricey for new airsoft players, but with the detail and quality design spending the extra money it worth the tradeoff. The H&K ump can be used in airsoft matches or in the backyard for practice. With its electric system it has the power to get the job done. Keep in mind you will need to purchase batteries as this UMP does not ship with any, but they are not to hard to find as well. If you are looking for a fun compact airsoft rifle the UMP by H&K should be a top choice. 

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