Types of Airsoft Games To Play On The Field

The Types of Airsoft Games


If you are contemplating of trying airsoft, then it is important for you to know about the different types of airsoft games. As you can see, it is good to be up to speed of the basics and brush up on the rules to enjoy playing these games to your heart’s content. Here are some of the most popular airsoft games that are played today:


  • CTF


Standing for “capture the flag”, CTF is a common type of airsoft game, where teams have their own flags that have to be captured by each other. Each time a team captures a flag and bring it back to their own will give them a point, and the first team to reach a certain score limit will win.


  • TDM


Standing for “team death match”, this is believed to be the most commonly played airsoft game type ever. For this game, two teams will combat each other until all players in one team are eliminated.


  • Search and Destroy


This type of game requires two teams, where one team is having two objectives to defend and the other having a “bomb”, which is usually represented by a kitchen timer. Now, the team with the bomb must plant it on one the objectives, which the defending team should then defuse by grabbing the bomb and taking it at least a hundred feet away from the objective. The game will be over when either the bomb is successfully defused or goes off on the objective.


  • The President


Here, one player who is the “president” will get half the players to be his bodyguards to protect him, and the rest get to be assassins who would try to kill him. The game will be over when the president gets to a designated location without getting shot or when he is assassinated by getting hit by the assassins. Take note that the president and his bodyguards will be given a few minutes to hide before the game starts.


  • The Alien


This game designates one player to play as the alien, with the rest of the players being the humans who oppose him. The alien’s objective will be to turn all humans into aliens by shooting them, and the game ends when all humans are turned or when all aliens are dead. One thing to remember is that the only way to kill the aliens is shooting them in designated parts of the body.


  • Treasure Hunt


This game uses a treasure that is placed by a neutral party somewhere in the field, and then the teams will fight against each other to find it and then carry it back to their base. If the treasure is dropped, other teams are allowed to pick it up and carry to their own base.


Aside from these, there are still more airsoft games to play, such as the Hostage Rescue, Squad Deathmatch and Free for All, where every man is for himself and the last one standing will win.