Walther LGU Air Rifle


Walther LGU Air Rifle



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The Walther LGU Air Rifle is getting a lot of positive buzz from air gun enthusiasts and all for good reason. This is an air rifle that you will be proud to add to your collection. Physically, it is a beautiful piece to look at. It has a stylish, blacked metalwork with a high-lustre finish. This beautifully complements the elegant, nicely grained woodwork with a matte lacquer finish. The wooden stock is manufactured no less than by the Italian company Minnelli, giving your air rifle more value and aesthetic appeal. Out of the box you can see the Walther LGU Air Rifle commands a proud presence, weighing around 9.47 pounds and measuring up to 41.88 inches.


All that outward beauty is paired with high-quality features and intelligent mechanisms any decent shooter would want with a spring powered rifle. One of the features of the Walther LGU Air Rifle most buyers are raving about is its Silent Spring Technology—a noise reduction system you will love because you have less of a tendency to scare away those critters your hunting or to annoy your neighbors when doing target practice in your backyard. It also boasts of a Vibration Reduction System and a clever German design of the internals. You will be happily surprised that the cocking action and firing cycle are among the smoothest you can experience from a production mechanical air rifle.               




  • Under-lever, spring-piston air rifle
  • Single-shot
  • Has no open sights
  • Has an adjustable 2-stage trigger (first stage travel and trigger weight)
  • Automatic trigger safety
  • Can be decocked manually
  • Ventilated rubber buttpad
  • 11mm dovetail for scope mounts
  • 37 pounds cocking effort
  • Calibres are .177 and .22





The Walther LGU Air Rifle has an ambidextrous beechstock with twin raised cheekpieces.


You can get a good grip because it has a relatively long fore-end with reasonable scalloping in the middle and checkering is generously applied to the steep drop down pistol grip.


Both the outer side of the spring sleeve and the piston skirt run on Delrin rings, resulting to a very smooth and quiet firing cycle.


The steep angle of the drop down pistol grip allows you to position your shooting hand perfectly to operate the 2-stage adjustable trigger comfortably.


The weight distribution of a Walther LGU Air Rifle makes it ideal for over-the-arm field target style hold.


It has a large loading port, which makes inserting the round quick and simple.


The cocking lever is located under the barrel, so it is inconspicuous and makes the Walther LGU Air Rifle slim and elegant, but still powerful. Also, this design allows you to mount and use telescopic sights with a variety of lengths.


The Walther LGU Air Rifle is a great shooter right out of the box.





The Walther LGU Air Rifle has been designed to give air rifle enthusiasts great value for their money, a better shooting experience, and a beautiful piece to add to their collection. It is no wonder that it is considered to be one of the best spring-powered air rifles available in the market today. 


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