Walther P99 Air Soft Pistol


Umarex Walther 15 Rounds P99 Air Soft Pistol, 6mm Review










Where To Buy: Amazon via Walther



·  Velocity (Approx.): 380 FPS

·  Accuracy (Approx.): 120+ Ft

·  Magazine Capacity: 15 rounds

·  Caliber: 6mm .20g Or Higher

·  METAL smooth bore barrel


The Walter P 99 Airsoft pistol is highly used in an effective battlefield side arm. The P99 is currently made semi automatic Airsoft pistol. With very heavy construction this Airsoft pistol is very durable. With overall quality in mind considering price, construction and durability. The Walther P99 is an excellent choice for any Airsoft player. We tested this Airsoft gun we saw almost zero CO2 leakage. With the blowback feature CO2 can go quickly so it is important that you keep that in mind when shooting. The CO2 cartridge is easy to change which is a great benefit on the battlefield. The accuracy of the P99 is pretty good out box. We used 3.0 g BBs and were able to do the targets of up to 30 feet.




  • price matches quality
  • decent weight
  • CO2 power
  • won’t leak
  • looks and sounds like the real thing
  • good FPS around 360
  • blowback feature



  • uses CO2 due to blowback
  • Slide can sometimes walk, slide lubrication alleviates the issue though.



For a quality side arm at a decent price the replica Walther P99 Airsoft gun is a lot of fun. With a decent FPS quality made parts in durability. The Walther P99 is a quality weapon that will last on the battlefield for years to come. If you are more Airsoft site on the Walther P99 will not disappoint. With its realistic feel of the real thing you are sure to draw attention at your next match.

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