What is Airsoft

What is Airsoft


A airsoft gun is a special type of gun which is made to work by either a spring loaded piston or compressed gas, and due to this it has the ability to accept bullets made of different sorts of materials including, aluminium, plastic and even biodegradable materials. They are typically made as replicas to firearms and the bullets are spherical in shape. The bullets are technically known as pellets and are around 6mm in width. In spite of the fact that these pellets hurt more than a the bullet of a typical gun the speed at which they travel is considerably slower than that of an average bullet. It should also be noted that although the pain caused by one of these pellets is quite high, the injury caused by a standard gun is much superior to that cause by a Airsoft gun. Therefore users are strongly advised to take the necessary safety measures when using the device because although its a toy gun, it could cause pain to the opponent. Manufacturers of Airsoft guns strive to make it as close as possible to that of a real gun and even consider using the real mold of the originals in order for it to have a better and more realistic look and feel. Users should always ensure that they wear protective gear especially around the eyes and other parts of the body during “skirmishes” and manufacturers also provide special outfits which could be worn to mimic an actual cadet in an army! The choice of clothing should also be considered in addition to the protective gear, so users should consider only thick pants and sweatshirts as it would further help in reducing the pain or injury a pellet may cause if it comes in contact with the skin. There are three different types of airsoft guns available in the market,

  1. Gas powered guns – Amongst gas powered Airsoft guns, the Gas Blowback is the most popular as it is specifically designed for users who have intermediary shooting capabilities in operating air soft guns. They are also comparatively cheaper than an Automatic Electric Gun thereby making it a good choice for those who do not have a large budget. The Gas Blowback uses a type of green gas (a type of propane) in order to compress the air which is necessary to propel the pellet out of the barrel at a considerably fast speed. This same gas is then used in order to cycle back the slide by repeatedly cycling it back and forth. The gas could either be stored onboard or in a magazine, depending on the type of gun. A benefit of these guns is that it is also similar to a AEG in terms of mimicking a real gun through its semi automatic firing mechanism. Another benefit of this gun is that it offers the ability for the user to reload the gun easily similar to that of a real gun.


  1. Spring powered guns – As the name suggests, these guns are made in such a way that the user is required to first cock its spring prior to firing it. Generally these kinds of gun are semi automatic and are magazine fed. This implies that the gun has to be hand cocked manually after every single shot has been fired. Due to this operational mechanism, these guns are not only very sturdy but are also cost effective at the same time and almost every Airsoft gun owner has most certainly used one of these guns at some point in their lives. Another reason for more newcomers to consider this type of Airsoft gun is because of its affordability as it could be bought even for around $20


  1. Auto Electric Guns (also known as AEG) – This is the most popular and the most expensive type of Airsoft gun and costs around $300 and above. A popular manufacturer for these types of guns is Tokyo Marui and they are powered using Nickel Cadmium batteries. The overall functionality of these guns is such that it compresses and releases the piston after creating a sudden blast of air which is strong enough to propel the pellets at a considerable fast speed. This process is certainly a good means of improving efficiency and achieving a more realistic firing operation. AEG’s have the potential to reach speeds of up to 900RPM.

A very important and common question which most potential buyers looking to purchase an Airsoft weapon may ask is what are the factors which the need to consider when choosing a particular type of Airsoft gun. There are various factors which could be elaborated herein, however the key areas of concern include,

  1. Understand the key difference between each of the three types of Airsoft guns
  2. The main purpose of having the gun – This is an important area of concern because no one would want to have a gun which is built for a closed combat area to be used in open woodland, as there would be a considerably large difference in the range between your gun and that of your competitor!
  3. Level of expertise – An individual who has never used a Airsoft gun should not make a quick decision to purchase an electric gun because they wouldn’t have the required skill in order to operate the machine correctly and could make several mistakes in the process.

Although Airsoft could not be considered as a “sport”, it is certainly an activity which is bundled with several other benefits such as fun and the ability to learn the art of shooting without causing any dangerous consequences of a real gun but getting the look and feel of a real gun. As mentioned above, the choice of gun plays a vital role on the purpose for which it is to be used, as a low range gun would defeat its purpose if its going to be used in open space and a high range gun would also defeat its purpose if it were to be used in a closed environment as the velocity of the pellet could cause more injury than expected to the potential victim/target.

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